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I think the title is fairly self explanatory :) I'm a girl who can be of many words, or few (but usually many haha) However, I think the current title may just very well be a sufficient explanation in and of itself- so why are you still reading this?- Check out my site which may or may not give you a little insight into what happens to be my crazy life! :)

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Thanks to my awesome friend @native_warrior an adoption took place last night and this is my beautiful new baby! Meet Rosalynn- hopefully she and I will be spending lots of time together ^_^  #guitar #acoustic #letsmakesweetsweetmusictogether #summer2014 #musiclove #adventuretime #blessed #thisislife
Tomorrow Imma be gettin so fancy for my EP album art photo shoot! But for today I’m just on my regular snap back & band shirt type of grind :) haha. Shout out to TILL Brand and Mouth of the South! #locallove #bandshirts #snapbacks #bathroomselfie #supportbands
Oh, ya know, just kickin it with our frog friend :) #neature
do you see that? it’s a new day dawning.

"In You" by @leeyounger


"In You" by @leeyounger

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….”but hope is real. and I’m trying to trust that despite the deep seeded aches and  pains that I feel”….

…I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night.

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